How much do you charge?

Obviously charges are dependent on the venue, the time, distance, and type of function. As a ball park figure, most function fees start at $385.00 per session.

What sort of functions do you do?

We do just about anything! Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, School Functions, Fundraisers, Nightclubs, Promotions, and others. Basically you just need to let us know what you need and we will do our best to fulfill those expectations.

What services do you provide?

MID provide several levels of service to suit your differing needs. Along with our professional disc-jockeys and equipment, we can also quote you on installation and purchase of your audio and visual needs. For commercial business, big or small, an upgrade or initial installation of your sound equipment can be daunting. MID take the hassle away by discussing your needs and providing a prompt quote that suits your budget. We install and service this equipment, ensuring your use runs smoothly and will advise you when newer or better equipment is available.

As for our disc-jockey services, Mixed Image Disco has access to state of the art audio and video equipment with a wide variety of specialty lighting. All functions are run by our qualified Disc-Jockeys which can also act as Emcee [MC] should you require it. This is particularly useful at weddings and parties. For school socials, and young parties, there is nothing quite like watching hundreds of screaming kids learning new dances courtesy of your friendly DJ.

For special effects, don’t forget we have use of bubble machines and other paraphernalia that will help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Have you ever seen or used vinyl?

Yes I have seen vinyl and learnt that when melted, it makes a great plant pot!

Why should I use MID over your competition?

We have competition? Oh ok, let’s get serious. First of all, we are nice. Really nice. We are approachable, friendly and eager to please. Secondly we offer a complete service irrespective of the length of your function. Our quotes are based on the overall function rather than a set block of time. That way you are sure things won’t suddenly go dull after 4 hours because the music has stopped. If you are still partying, then so are we. And finally, we are really nice. Did I mention that?

What areas do you service?

We are able to travel from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane and west to Toowoomba to cater for functions. With sufficient reimbursement for travel expenses, however, we are willing to travel anywhere. If a chain, franchise or government department requires our services for a variety of places [eg school socials] then we are willing to go as far west as Inverell. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What sort of music do you play?

We play whatever is required for the specific function. We also keep aware of the age of the crowd. We currently stock Top 40, Rock’n’Roll, Background Music, Techno, Trance, Hip-Hop, Indie, etc. We don’t however, play any modern country music in case our web-designer decides to hire us.

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Contact MID

Our services are available from Northern New South Wales to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and everywhere in between.

0407 458 930