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September 9th, 2012
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Meet Belinda: Owner/Operator of Mixed Image Disco which she started in 1989. So far, she’s enjoyed  every minute of it. (Except the bills). Belinda has met a lot of different people and made a lot of good friends.

Belinda says, “My staff – what can I say? They are just as crazy and dedicated as I am. We love our work. (Yes even the funny drunks).”


A little about her (with snide comments from the webdesigner!)


Favourite cartoon: The Simpsons/Catdog/Stoked/Spounge Bob cartoons in general.(anything good to fall alseep too. Hate the News and sport shows. [someone save me!]

Favourite food: Mexican. (yum yum) but dislikes GARLIC. GARLIC GARLIC. [she needs 
to experiment!]

Favourite colour: Umm Gee, look at the website! [lairy isn’t it?]

Favourite Movie: Harry Potter.

Football team: Parramatta and local baabaas.

Sport: Ten pin bowling, skating and riding my bike. I think also that sleeping should be a sport as well. [Agreed]

Star Sign: Gemini (i’m not really into it).

Interests: Sleeping and Raiding her father’s shed (Father’s Warehouse) and Miss Blonde’s fridge for chocolate. Swimming, dancing, playing my guitar, annoying Ian and visiting December. And loved keeping Bart(RIP) awake.

Work likes: Laughing at people when they are having a good time and they do something stupid. [HA HA! like yourself? hehehehe]

Work pet hates: Lack of SLEEP!

Favourite Music: Anything really but techno/dance does rule. [*ahem!*]

Favourite song: Underneath the Radar. Also lovin’ the clip of Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jeepsen. Soooooo funny.

Hated Song:Well it’s more like Music type – Country Music. (apologies to the web-designer) [yeah riiiiigggggggghhhhhtttt]

Any last words: Missing BART and Milky.


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