Meet Kimberly

March 5th, 2013 Comments (0)

Meet Kimberly

This crazy redhead has joined the Mixed Image team and brings with her some fantastic new ideas.

Read more about Kimbo (with snide comments from (Belinda) [Dec- the web designer]

Favourite TV show: (She hasn’t put it down) [Well that sucks. Let’s guess!] (Ok, Glee!) [Yeah, that and Bindi’s Bootcamp!]

Favourite Movie: (HAHAHAHAHA) [*falls over laughing* She didn’t write it down?] (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

Favourite Food: All kinds, I like new and different things to taste. [Ever eaten Belinda’s cooking??) [Yeah, she has and now she works with me)

Favourite Colour: Dark Blue.  (She’ll get used to the new colours – MID colours rule!) [Ummmm, can we talk about that?]

Kids/Pets: My cat, Puss Puss (fleabag!)

Star Sign: (oops, I really must chase her up on these things!)

Interests: Reading all kinds of books and chilling with [all kinds] of friends.

Work Likes: All day shopping LOL. The songs and lights flashing like stars. [all day shopping????????] (It was only supposed to be a quick shop)

Work Hates: People asking for the same song over and over. I get it. You want me to play “Big Booty B@#$&” – NOT HAPPENING! (oooo, she’s learnt really fast) [You can tell that song is just NOT country!] (LOL, ok you win that round!)

Favourite Song: Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz <3

Favourite Band/Artist: (Yeah I don’t have this answer either. There’s too many!)

Hated Song: Baby by Justin Bieber. (*sings* Oh baby, baby, baby, ooooo LOL)

Any Last Words: (No because I asked her the wrong questions LOL)



Meet Scott

October 2nd, 2012 Comments (0)

Meet Scott

Scott is a welcomed addition to MID.

Scott helps with the driving force of making Belinda’s crazy new ideas work.

Read more about Scott(with snide comments from (Belinda) [Dec- the web designer]

Favourite TV show: Benny Hill Show, Futurarma, Family Guy.

Favourite Movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (R U serious) [Awesome movie- what is your problem, girl?]

Kids/Pets: None (Scott’s a big kid)

Star Sign: Pisces

Interests: Motorbike riding, Target shooting.

Work Likes: Upsetting Belinda when setting up the lights. (Scott’s top of the class) [Keep up the good work]

Work Hates: Lugging (hmm, must make Scott lug heaps) [Agreed! Go, Bel, Go!]

Favourite Song: Sink the Bismark – Johnny Horton.

Favourite Band/Artist: Lily Allen. Or anything Belinda Hates. (Grrr. Yes he even like worse music than the Web designer) [Interesting. And to think you said that wasn’t possible!]

Hated Song: Anything with Jimmy Barnes. (Ah huh) [And once again, Scott loses brownie points!]

Any Last Words: (Should I let him make comment?) [Sure] (Narr- Scott’s so mean to me.) [Somebody has to be!] (awwww, nooooo) [Uhhh, yes!]




September 28th, 2012 Comments (0)

Meet Bart

Well everyone seems to have wanted him; It’s BART.

Yes he was my big beautiful dog.

Everyone reminded me that he’s mine, when Bart did something stupid.

Bart passed away in 2009.

I’m still finding his hair in the van. Oh yes I also have one torn up back sit from the van going very cheap!


Meet Belinda

September 9th, 2012 Comments (0)

Belinda DJ

Meet Belinda: Owner/Operator of Mixed Image Disco which she started in 1989. So far, she’s enjoyed  every minute of it. (Except the bills). Belinda has met a lot of different people and made a lot of good friends.

Belinda says, “My staff – what can I say? They are just as crazy and dedicated as I am. We love our work. (Yes even the funny drunks).”


A little about her (with snide comments from the webdesigner!)



Meet Piggy

June 17th, 2012 Comments (0)


Piggy has been with MID since 2001 and looked after Big Dog Bart(RIP) in his spare time. [And sometimes when he hasn’t any spare time!] Piggy is renowned for trying to convert everyone into KISS fans. (It will never happen, despite the web-designer’s poor taste in music).


Read more about Piggy (with snide comments from Belinda)


Favourite TV Show: Stargate SG-1

Favourite food: Asian (and Belinda’s cooking). Dislikes ONION (and Barney’s cooking)

Favourite colour: Red and White. (He really means blue and gold).

Favourite Movie: Any Horror film (or himself in mirror in the mornings)

Football team: The mighty SAINTS (smelly not mighty)

Favourite Wrestler: The Missing Link, Hacksaw Bob Duggan and Andrea the Giant. (Yes well what happened to the undertaker?)

Kids/Pets: Adopted a cat(flea bag) Well I baby-sit some fish too and I haven’t killed them yet. But Big Dog Bart ruled(RIP)!!!!

Star sign: Aquarius

Interests: Ten-Pin Bowling, Fishing.

Work likes: This is not a hard job to do. (We are SURE this will change)

Work pet hates: The lugging. (Glad to say he hasn’t dropped anything on me yet!)

Favourite band: Enigma and KISS. (No comment)

Favourite song: Mea Culpa. (he needs a white jacket with really long sleeves)

Hated Song: Bob the builder (hmmm)

Any last words: Have I retired yet? (Now let me see?) ((NO))LOL



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